Out of Print Clothing

Wow two posts in one day! Thats almost a record for me. But I discovered something I love that I wanted to share through the blogosphere. The clothing company called Out of Print Clothing that does t-shirts with old classic book covers on them often out of print versions. Not only do they have cool tees but for every shirt sold one book is donated through Books for Africa. Ignoring the fact that they're hopelessley hipster I absolutely love the idea and the final product. The shirts themselves look uber comfy and classic. I've got my eye on the catcher in the rye one...

I've got my christmas gifts picked out already.


Etsy Beginnings!

I know that it's been forever since I made it on here but I've been swamped as of late with everyday life. But I have exciting news to share: I started an etsy shop! For those of you who are unaware of the amazingness that is etsy its an online marketplace for handmade goods. And I'm very proud to say that I've become and member and have finally put stuff up. I had some help from some amazing college friends and am really excited to see if I can get the selling off the groung. So go check it out! And yes that is me modeling my stuff...

So go take a look!



Spring has Sprung!

Well sort of, but summers right around the corner. And thanks to the beautiful weather people come out in droves to appreciate the many wonders the twin cities have to offer. Here are some of the events that I'm looking forward to with nail biting anticipation....
Apparently Grand Old Days is blowin' up big time this year (Sunday June 6), and the mini brochure I got from work has it claiming that its the largest twin cities block party. Woot woot. Theres the requisite beer and food but this year all along grand are some concert treasures. Free Energy is on the Dixie Stage down at St. Albans, Heiruspecs and Doomtree are on Billys Stage at (doi) Billy's on Grand, etc. It's definitly worth checking out : http://www.grandave.com/ . Fingers crossed I don't get scheduled to work and be forced to stare longingly out the window at all the fun and revelry going on.

Event numero dos: Rock the Garden, June 19th. Even before they announced who was playing my group of friends made a blood oath to purchase tickets and go to this thing. We went last year and it was awesome. For those of you who aren't aware what rock the garden entails its an all day music festival set on the nice big lawn slope next to the Walker Art Center. The whole day my little heart swelled with Minnesota pride. If you didn't get tickets, welp sucks to be you cus it's sold out. But I bet you could try scalping a pair for a ridiculously inflated price?

Next up on my summer to do list is the Redbull Flugtag which is gracing the twin cities with its precense on July 24th over at Harriet Island. The gist of the event is that teams (who go through a rigorous entry process, believe me I watched people try) build elaborate flying contraptions which they ride off a cliff into a body of water. I'm pretty sure theres more to it but thats what I got from the description. I'm going just to see what concepts people come up with. Should be pretty sweet.
Technically this one comes before the flugtag but I got lazy and remembered it after: Barbette's Bastille Days block party on (doi) July 18th. If you havn't done your european history research it's a french holiday to commemorate the revolution or storming of the bastille. And Barbette's does it up by blocking of the street surrounding the restaurant, serving tasty food outdoors, having live performances, and shopping booths. I really just go for the food (fatty me) plus its like a two minute walk from my apartment. Heres more info.

On into August is one of my favorite events: The Uptown Art Fair! The weekend of August 7, 8, & 9. I'm determined to go this year because even though I live mere blocks form it I missed it last year. Despite the fact that this event makes parking on my street a bitch I still love browsing through artist things and buying street food. I'm determined to remain sunny about it. More info here.

I'm sure there are lots more things that are on my summer to do list but I'm outta time so thats all for now.


Beauty Tip

Despite my blogging attempts to seem witty and urbane I have caved and decided to share the most amazing hair tool I discovered. OMG! So my roomate and I were sitting on the couch watching tv and on popped the goodie ad for the spin pin. The ad itself is done in stop motion animation (way to go goodie) so its eye catching but the pin itself is actually exciting.

So after being sucked in like the consumers that we, are my roomate and I walked over to Walgreens and picked the thing up. Let me tell you, best purchase of. my .life. The thing actually frickin works. I have super thick hair that takes armies of hair supplies to pin up or back and two of these babies keep all of it contained and locked in place for hours.
I swear I'm not doing shameless advertising for goodie, I actually really really am a fan of these things. I have shown multiple friends and family the amazing wonders of the spin pin. You just twist the pin into place and voila. Come find me, I'll let you try out mine!



Life Goal

While reading one of my favorite daily blog reads (Design Sponge) I stumbled across the discovery of a lifetime and thus was born my desire to visit Zona Tortona. For those of you who don't know what Zona Tortona is (which I'm guessing is everybody because I had no idea) its basically a gigantic fairground located in Milan in which emerging designers get a chance to showcase their work. Theres more info on it in the article found here. And some of the photos from this thing look absolutely amazing...
Urchin lighting from Molo Design (image from Design Sponge)

Chairs from the Campana Brothers

This installation is called Velvetissement where visitors were encouraged to leave little personal things in a clear envelope. The idea is that "Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has a memory to leave. Share with us yours."
God, doesnt this look sweet. Whose with me - planning a trip - 2011!!??!?

To take a closer look at the whole thing the actual website is http://www.zonatortona.net/



Pop of Color

So I know I'm behind on this trend, like so many other things in my life, but I'm just getting around to working up the courage to add bright spots of neon to my wardrobe. And here are my picks:
Love these bright yellow earrings over in renee larson's etsy shop. They're made from vintage beads.

Love this neon paisly printed scarf at J. Crew.

I dunno if this one would really qualify as 'neon' per say but I like the subtle hints of lime green in it. And damnit it's cute. Over at Anthro.

I've always lusted after a Kate Spade purse and isn't this neon citronella Jupiter Island Kiley super cute.

I'm not usually a pink fan, as anyone who knows me can attest, but this TKO Orlogi watch is pretty sweet.

And finally love the feel of this retro bikini from the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy collection. Available here.